Add a Bank Account (IBAN format) to a Payment Account for Money-Outs


How it works

To send money-outs from the Lemonway payment account to the bank account of your clients, you need to register their bank account details. With RegisterIBAN the method, our system links an IBAN to a Payment Account.

  • Bank details are only needed for money-outs, not for money-ins or P2P

  • Depending on your business, the IBAN may be automatically activated. If it is not, our control team needs to validate it with the uploaded bank document.

  • By default, you can register multiple Bank Accounts per payment account. When you link a new Bank Account (IBAN format or other ones), the previous ones are still active.

  • Please use UnregisterIBAN method to deactivate a bank account from a payment account. If you wish to enforce only one bank account per payment account, please contact Support

  • An integrated algorithm will validate your IBAN


Did you know?

This API call can be used to add all IBANs of all countries. Only three mandatory fields

  • Wallet
  • Holder
  • IBAN


<RegisterIBAN xmlns="Service_mb">
    <ID>11</ID><!--since version 1.1--> 



Request Input Description

walletPayment account IDYes[0 : 256] char33612345678 ou taxi67
holderThe owner of the registered bank account: first name and last name, or company nameYes[0 : 256] charJean Dupont
bicBIC/SWIFT codes are arranged like this : AAAABBCCDDDNo[8;11] charABCDEFGHIJK
AAAA: 4 char for bank code
BB: 2 char for country code
CC: 2 char for location code
DDD: 3 char for branch code
ibanIBAN.Yes[15: 34] charFR1420041010050500013M02606
dom1Bank address Line 1No[1:256] charSOMEBANK MONTREUIL
dom2Bank address Line 2No[1:256] char56 rue de Lays
commentReason for new IBAN if another IBAN is already linked to the walletNo[1:512] charPrevious bank account closed