How it works

With the UpdateWalletDetails method, your system asks Lemonway to update information related to a client payment account.

  1. The user enters his new data
  2. The application calls the Lemonway webservice
  3. Lemonway records data when it exists
  4. The application processes Lemonway's response and displays a confirmation message



Once an account has KYC 2 status, this operation is no longer possible.


<UpdateWalletDetails xmlns="Service_mb">
<newPayerOrBeneficiary> String </newPayerOrBeneficiary>

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


"newPayerOrBeneficiary" : "string"
IDAn updated Wallet ID (your choice when you did create the Wallet).33612345678
LWIDLemonway Wallet ID (you cannot choose this number). This number is also printed on our Dashboard.2343

⚠️ Important

If you do not want to change some fields, please do not enter data in them. Information will not be updated.

walletWallet ID.Yes[1 :100] char33612345678
newEmailNew Email. Unique as usual.No[6 :256] char[email protected]
newTitleClient titleNo[1] char"M": M.
"F": Miss
"J": joint account
"U": Unknown(default)
newFirstNameClient first nameNo[2 :256] charPierre
newLastNameClient last nameNo[2 :256] charDupont
newStreetClient number and streetNo[0 :256] car26 rue de Paris
newPostCodeClient postcode/ZIPNo[0 :10] car93100
newCityClient cityNo[0 :140] carMontreuil
newCtryClient country using ISO-3 formatNo[3] charFRA
newIpIP address of the Client.Nochar91.222.286.32
Not from your server, please. The one collected by your system, from your customer. To help us fight against fraud and to secure your business.
newPhoneNumberMSISDN phone number.No[6 :30] char33672635263
No "00", no "+", or it won't work.
newMobileNumberMobile phone number with MSISDN format: international number with country code without "00" neither "+".No[6 :30] char33672635263
This will be used by default when electronically signing documents
No "00"
No "+" thanks
newBirthDateClient birthdateNodd/MM/yyyy21/03/1985
newIsCompanyIndicates if the wallet is created for a companyNo[1] char1
1: yes
0: no
newCompanyNameCompany nameNo[1 :256] charLemonway SAS
newCompanyWebsiteWebsite URLNo[1 :256] charwww.lemonway.fr
newCompanyDescriptionCompany descriptionNo[1 :256] charEcommerce, clothings
newCompanyIdentificationNumberCompany identification numberNo[1 :256] char123567ABCDEF
newIsDebtorFor crowdfunding/loan platforms, indicates if the wallet is created for a debtorNo[1] char1
1: yes
0 or empty: no
newNationalityNationality of the client, using ISO-3 format.No[0 :19] charFRA,USA
Please separate multiple nationalities with a comma.
newBirthcityClient city of birthNo[0 :140] carMontreuil
newBirthcountryClient country of birth using ISO-3 formatNo[3] charFRA
newPayerOrBeneficiaryIndicates if the wallet is created for a payer or a beneficiary : No[1] char1
Empty: unknown status (default) 
1: payer 
2: beneficiary