Credit Transfers

SEPA Credit Transfers (SCT)

The following list describes standard Credit Transfer Reason Codes:


Many SDD codes are also included in the Credit Transfer Reason Code. However for extensive list of R-transaction Reason Codes with detailed explanations and possible solutions, see:Guidance on Reason Codes for SEPA Credit R-transactions

CodeISO DefinitionR-Transaction Type
AC06Blocked AccountReturn
AG01Transaction ForbiddenReturn
BE04Missing Creditor AddressReturn
CERICheck Extended Remittance Information (ERI)Reject
CNORCreditor Bank Is Not RegisteredReject, Return
ED05Settlement FailedReject
MD07End Customer DeceasedReturn
MS03Not Specified ReasonReject, Return
RR03Missing Creditor's Name or AddressReject, Return
RR04Regulatory ReasonReject, Return; Negative answer to SCT Inquiry "Claim Non-Receipt"
TECHTechnical ProblemRecall