Paytrail Test Account


Lemonway's fees (can be changed to match the ones in your signed contract)1% + 0.50 EUR for all Money-In operations
These are mock fees, paid with pretend money.1 EUR for all Money-Out operations
Money-In using PaytrailNordea
ID: 123456
Password: 1234
User ID: 123456
Password: 7890
Keynumber: Any number
Danske Bank: Use your own user ID for testing. Payments will not be charged to your bank account.
Customer number: 12345678
ID code: 9999
User ID: 12345678
ID code: 1234
User ID: 11111111
Password: 123456
Security code: 123456
User ID: The system fills it in for you
ID code: The system fills it in for you
Username: 12345678
Password: 9999
Key number: 1234


These are mock fees, paid with pretend money.1 EUR for all Money-Out operations
Money-In using PayzenYou select the test card on the test payment page (Select the type of the card then click on the card number in the middle of the bottom text)

Login to Access Our API

We provide an account to get access to our API v1:

  • society login with the default 123456 password (that you should change). This login is for developers. You have access to all methods of our API Directkit, and limited access to the Dashboard.

For secure account access for v1 and v2 see: Authentication

You may change passwords in the Dashboard as follows:


You can also create more accounts if needed for your business.

Your own technical account SC for fees management

The specific technical account SC (SOCIETY) is used to collect your fees. It is also used by Lemonway to collect our fees. Please be aware this account's balance can only be positive, as any payment account in our system.
This means, if this technical account does not have enough money to pay Lemonway fees, your payments will not be processed and an error will be returned from our API.
You can credit this technical account using your company's Visa or Mastercard card, call the Money-In method in order to do so, or you can also do a fund transfer to our Lemonway bank account, with a specific description of the fund transfer.