Codes Payxpert

001Declined by issuer

Invalid card

005Authorization declined
007CVV not set or invalid
012Invalid Transaction
013Invalid Amount
015Card Issuer unknown
021No action taken
030Format Error
031Card Issuer not approved
033Card expired
034Customer limits exceeded
041Lost card
043Pick up card (Stolen card)
051Insufficient funds
054Expired card
055Incorrect PIN (Personal Identification Number)
056Card not in authorizer's database
057Invalid Transaction
061Card is blocked in local block list
062Restricted card
065Transaction frequency limit exceeded
075PIN entered incorrectly too often
076Not allowed
077PIN entry necessary
080Amount no longer available
085Rejected by Credit Card Institute
091Card issuer temporarily not reachable
096System malfunction
102Contact card issuer
155Invalid date
300Missing field
302Request from IP not allowed
303Request from website url not allowed
307Invalid card number format
310Card verification code(CVV) must be 3 or 4 digits
311Invalid customer IP
500Card is blocked
501E-mail is blocked
502Customer IP is blocked
522Secure 3D information are mandatory
580Multiple transactions within 5 min after success is declined
581Multiple transactions within 1 hour after decline is declined
582Customer country doesn't match with iin country
583Customer country doesn't match with iin country
584Country in blacklist
585Too many rejected transactions in a row
590Suspicion of fraud
650Card not enrolled for 3D Secure
651Invalid 3DS data
652Card enrolment information not available
653ACS message or signature is invalid
654Unable to connect to the Visa Directory Server
6553DS authentication required
670Invalid trialPeriod
673Subscription fields missing
674Subscription has already expired
675InstantConversion impossible (subscription not active)
676InstantConversion impossible (subscription already rebilled)
677InstantConversion impossible (subscriptionType not eligible)
678Invalid SubscriptionID
680Invalid subscriptionType
682rebillPeriod cannot be null for this subscriptionType
683rebillMaxIteration cannot be null for this subscriptionType
684rebillAmount cannot be null for this subscriptionType
685trialPeriod must be null for this subscriptionType
686rebillPeriod must be null for this subscriptionType
687rebillMaxIteration must be null for this subscriptionType
688rebillMaxIteration must equals 1 for this subscriptionType
730Too many elements to export
731Time interval too wide (exceeds 2 months)
732Invalid transactionOperation
733Invalid transactionErrorCode
734Invalid transactionType
9**Rejected from the bank without specifying reason