Finalize Przelewy24 Transaction

This function is used to credit a wallet using Przelewy24 Payment, when the MONEY-IN has been previously initialized with MoneyInP24 function of DIRECTKIT webservice.

How it works

Pre-requisite: the WHITE BRAND has initialized a MONEY-IN using the MoneyInP24 method of DIRECTKIT. The WHITE BRAND server owns a MONEY-IN link now:

  1. The WHITE BRAND server redirects the user to the returned link of MoneyInSofortInit
  2. On this payment web page the user can enter the account data
  3. The MONEY-IN transaction is saved and the user is redirected to your WHITE BRAND web site.


The WHITE BRAND return URL receives 2 different responses:

    • When the CLIENT terminates its payment or when the payment is canceled by the user, a notification (callback) is sent from Lemonway's server to the WHITE BRAND URL. Data are transmitted in POST.
    • When the CLIENT terminates its operation, he is redirected to the WHITE BRAND URL with data in a GET
For security reasons, in any case of return by the POST, your server has to double check the payment using the GetMoneyInTransDetails method of DIRECTKIT to make sure the payment was done.

POST Answer:





Answer code:

  • 0: success
  • errXX: error




wkToken sent by the WHITE BRAND when initializating the MONEY-IN



détails on the error



err00Invalid script call
err01No  confirmation of reception of authorisation has been received from the shop
err02No  authorisation has been received
err03This query  has already been processed
err04Authorisation  query incomplete or invalid
err05Reading of  web-shop configuration failed
err06Record of  authorisation query failed
err07A different  person is making the payment
err08Status of  connection with the shop not established.
err09Limit on the  number of data corrections exceeded.
err10Invalid transaction amount!
  risk assessment score too high.
err51Invalid website call
err52Invalid feedback session information!
err53Transaction error!
err54Incompatible transaction amounts!
err55Invalid response code!
err56Invalid card
err57IncompatibleTEST flag!
err58Invalid sequence number!
err59Invalid transaction currency!