Client, User, Customer

A person or a firm that owns a payment account in your environment


The technical definition of a wallet is legally speaking a payment account


Lemonway's webservices


Payment monitoring dashboard to get access to your payments, your payment accounts, your reports


Web pages to which you can redirect your clients


It includes a Directkit, a Backoffice, and a Webkit. We set up a testing environment for you first, also called Sandbox. Then when we are both ready, we go live and open the live payment environment.

Money-in or Pay-in

Credit of a payment account by card, or by fund transfer we received, or any other payment method we support

Money-out or Pay-out

Fund transfer from a payment account to a bank account. From Lemonway point of view, this is an external transfer from Lemonway bank account to an IBAN

ON US or P2P

Payment account to payment account payment


Know Your Customer (KYC). Documents that need to be uploaded to a Wallet to know the customer, and respect compliance and regulation: proof of ID, proof of address, etc.