By Sepa Direct Debit (SDD)

We currently offer SEPA Direct Debit in the euro zone, on the CORE network.

The process you should follow is :

  • RegisterSddMandate: register a debit mandate
  • SignDocumentInit: start the electronic signature of previously saved mandate. If the signature succeeds, you can immediately request a debit (if the status of the wallet permitting)
  • MoneyInSddInit *: once the mandate is signed, you can immediately request a direct debit
  • GetMoneyInSdd:  Get the list of direct debit that were updated, or use the notification system.

For a crediting on the payment account on E (Requested Execution Date), SEPA Direct Debit instructions (Core or B2B) must be received before E-2, 10:30AM (Paris Time - GMT+2 / E = bank business day)

Examples of Sepa Direct Debit Mandates :