Atos v2 page

A template is a .zip files which contains all the resources (images, css, fonts..), allowing you to customize the look of the payment page. You have to

  1. Create your template base on our example, by respecting the naming of files and folders structures
  2. Test it with the Simulation Tools
  3. If it works in the Simulation Tools, then you can send it to LemonWay to ask for installation

Simulation tools

You have the possibility to preview the result of your template by uploading it to the simulation interface:

Url: simulation interface

connection identifiers :

Name : lemonway

Merchant Identifier : 211040028100001

Template example

  1. All the resources files (images / fonts, css) must to be prefixed with environement name. For eg: if your environment name is boutique and you are using the resource file logo.png in the template then please rename it to boutique_logo.png, and use boutique_logo.png in your css.
    1. In case you have multiple templates, you will have to prefixed each one of them differently, but always start with your environment name. For example boutique_red_logo.png, boutique_yellow_logo.png
    2. If you are not respecting this files naming rules, LemonWay will reject your templates

  2. The templates folders structure must to be strictly respected (as in our example). Don't change the folder names, and don't remove empty folders.

    The default Windows zip tool automaticly remove empty folders when making the zip => It is not good, you can try other tools for eg: 7Zip

  3. For each changes in the .zip template (evens small ones), you have to test your template in the simulator before sending it to LemonWay. Please avoid to make change in your zip file at the last minute then send it to the LemonWay without testing your "last minute" changes. LemonWay will deploy your template as-is, if it doesn't work as expected in the simulator it won't work on production.. A common mistake example: you want to use your own logo image in the .css

    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background:url(../images/logo.png) no-repeat left transparent;

    then in the last minute, you rename the logo.png in your zip file to boutique_logo.png then send this zip to LemonWay without testing it again in the simulator. LemonWay will deploy your .zip as-is, and the payer won't see the your logo because the file name in the .css and in the .zip are mis-matched.