Information Regarding 3DSecure Payment

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"MasterCard and Visa Networks: For transactions with cards not bearing the CB logo, the regulations of the international MasterCard and Visa networks apply, and special features on "non-transfer of responsibility" can be identified, even if the 3D-Secure payment process has been successfully completed.

For more information about the limits of the transfer of liability, you can contact your acquiring bank. »

For example, the transfer of responsibility may not apply for all corporate, business, or purchasing cards issued outside Europe, when the area where the card was issued and the area where the payment was acquired are different.

The e-cards also do not allow 3D Secure payment with bank authentication.

Finally, 3D Secure payment protects you against fraud (theft or use of credit card numbers stolen on the Internet), but not from a commercial dispute.

We encourage all our customers to use 3D Secure payment, which reduces the rate of fraud and ChargeBacks, and which is increasingly understood by the French.

Example of a bank's 3D Secure space: