Two-factor Authentication

How to Secure your Lemonway Account

To securely access our services, even on non-whitelisted addresses, Lemonway provides you with the two-factor authentication (2FA) option. This feature enables users to log in from any non-whitelisted IP address using a verification code.



To enable two-step authentication you will need to download an authenticator app to your mobile device. The app scans QR codes and retrieves authentication data for you. Recommended authenticator apps include:

  • Google Authenticator (available on iOS & Android)
  • Microsoft Authenticator (available on iOS & Android)
  • Duo Mobile (available on iOS & Android)
  • Authy (available on iOS & Android)

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)


If the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) option is not displayed, then you do not have the permission to enable it. To request Two-factor authentication (2FA) permission contact your account admin.

From the Dashboard, click Configuration. A menu displays.

  • Click Roles
  • Click the pencil icon on the line of the role you wish to edit
  • Search for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and tick the box
  • Click Save
  • Click Two-factor authentication in the sidebar
  • Click Activate 2FA. A pop-up box appears
  • Select one of the following methods to continue:
  • Scan the QR code with your camera
  • Enter the secret key displayed in the pop-up box in your authenticator app
  • Enter the verification code received on the app in the field at the bottom of the pop-up box.
  • Click Verify


Once 2FA is activated, if you want to log in from a non-whitelisted IP address, you will be able to do so with the verification code provided in the Authenticator app.