How to Access Lemonway Tools and Services


Lemonway uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol and framework to secure access to our REST API resources. Our authentication service strictly adheres to the IETF framework and standards set out in RFC 6749, Section 4.4.2 - Access Token Request.

For further information, see OAuth 2.0 (External Website)

The steps outlined in this topic apply to both the sandbox and the prod version of the REST API webservices.

Lemonway implements a two-step procedure that grants you secure access to our REST API webservice resources.

These are the two steps:

  1. Generate a basic authentication API key using the Lemonway Dashboard. This step is required to establish Client Authentication with our Authorization Server.

  2. Use the basic authentication API Key to request an Access Token of Bearer Type from the Authorization Server. This enables you to securely use Lemonway’s REST API resources.

We have extensive documentation on how to get started with this process, see: OAuth 2.0