Testing Your Integration

Before you begin to process payments, we recommend that you test your setup in your sandbox environment. A sandbox is a copy of your production environment, commonly used for testing and development.

The URLs are formatted in the following way:



After your first go-live, Lemonway keeps your sandbox environment active. This will enable you to continue testing.

Access Your Sandbox Environment

The Lemonway team creates your sandbox environment after you have finalized the contract agreement with us. The URL will be shared by your Client Implementation Manager.

Live Penny Test

A penny test enables you to test in a production environment by transferring small amounts of money for a transaction. This reduces the financial risk if something goes wrong during a transaction. This is particularly useful for payment methods that could not be tested in the sandbox environment.



We recommend that you perform a regular start-to-end workflow. Contact your Implementation Manager if you have any questions.

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