BNPL Payment

List your active BNPL plans

Endpoint: GET /moneyins/buynowpaylater/plans

Typically the GET /moneyins/buynowpaylater/plans call is used to retrieve information relating to your active BNPL plans. No parameters are required, you are provided with a response detailing your active plan and id.

Active BNPL Plans - Sequence Diagram Code


participant Partner
participant Webservice
participant BnplService
participant BnplServiceDB

Partner->>+Webservice: GET /moneyins/buynowpaylater/plans

Webservice->>+BnplService: GetPaymentPlansQuery

BnplService->>+BnplServiceDB: GetPaymentPlans
BnplServiceDB->>-BnplService: PaymentPlans

BnplService->>-Webservice: GetPaymentPlansResponse
note over BnplService,Webservice: PaymentPlans

Webservice->>-Partner: GetPaymentPlansResponse
note over Webservice,Partner: PaymentPlans

Create a BNPL Payment

Endpoint: POST /v2/moneyins/buynowpaylater/init

In most cases a Buyer clicks Pay at the checkout on your platform, your system sends the BNPL POST /v2/moneyins/buynowpaylater/init to Lemonway Webservice to process the request. The BNPL call uses Lemonway standard parameters used also for card payments (name, address, and email), along with some additional information.

Based on the Buyer risk score Lemonway BnplService will CreatePaymentResponse forward it to your platform with a ResponseId and RedirectURL.

Create a BNPL Payment - Sequence Diagram Code


participant Buyer
participant Partner
participant Webservice
participant BnplService
participant BnplServiceDB
participant TransactionService
participant PartnerDb

Buyer->>Partner: Clicks Pay

Partner->>Webservice: POST /v2/moneyins/buynowpaylater/init

Webservice->>BnplService: POST /payments

BnplService->>BnplService: GetPaymentPlan

BnplService->>TransactionService: CreatePendingMoneyIn

TransactionService->>TransactionService: Checks

TransactionService->>TransactionService: ComputeCommission

TransactionService->>PartnerDb: CreateTransaction
PartnerDb->>TransactionService: Transaction

TransactionService->>BnplService: Transaction

BnplService->>BnplServiceDB: CreatePayment

BnplServiceDB->>BnplService: Payment

BnplService->>Webservice: CreatePaymentResponse

Webservice->>Partner: CreatePaymentResponse
note over Webservice,Partner: ResponseId and  RedirectUrl