Required KYC/KYB documents for France

In order to open a payment account at Lemonway, the account holder shall provide identification documents and get them approved by Lemonway. To pass a payment account to KYC2 status, such documents shall be uploaded to the relevant payment account and reviewed by our KYC experts.

Standard documents are to be provided depending on the type of the payment account to be opened (natural person or legal entity) but also upon the type of the legal entity (association, listed company, non-listed company, and so on.)



The following list is not exhaustive. The document listed below are the standard documents required for any person (natural person or legal entity) requesting the opening of a payment account. Lemonway reserves the right to ask any other document or complementary information in order to perform the necessary verifications in accordance with its legal obligations, in particular relating anti-money laundering and countering financing of terrorism.

The documents must be uploaded to a payment account and there a size smaller than 10 MB. For security reasons, only the following document types are accepted: PDF, JPG, JPEG, and PNG. To process your ID documents automatically, ensure that they do not exceed 4Mb.



Refrain from using TIFF and prefer PDF.