Prohibited Activities at Lemonway

Lemonway is a payment institution licensed by the French Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR) (French and English Language) to provide payment services in France and the European Economic Area. Under the terms of its license, Lemonway must abide by KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML-TF regulations. (Official EU site)


Further information

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Lemonway checks customer business activities (for partners who operate online platforms and hold payment accounts) before entering into a business relationship and during subsequent business relationships.



Lemonway reserves the right not to cease a business relationship with clients undertaking the following activities. This list is not comprehensive: it is provided for information only and may be added to by Lemonway at any time as its internal risk classification evolves.

Some activities may also be forbidden under rules imposed by Lemonway suppliers, such as:

  • Payment acceptance networks, for example, Visa, Mastercard, Sofort, and so on.
  • Partner banks and other financial institutions.
  • Payment acceptance networks providing payment methods available via Lemonway may have stricter rules for some products and services.

Users of Lemonway payment services are responsible for checking any restrictions and prohibitions that apply to these payment methods to ensure that their business activities abide by these rules. While Lemonway may agree to provide payment services for a specific business activity, this should not be interpreted as legal advice from Lemonway on the legality of the activity in question.

In any case, the client undertakes to ensure that business activities carried out via Lemonway payment services abide by payment acceptance network rules and by the law in the countries of service origin and supply.

The following list of prohibited activities is therefore provided for information only and should not be taken as comprehensive or representing Lemonway's risk appetite.

Crowdfunding (donations, loans, investments) and other related activities

Extremist/ultra-radical/dissident/propagandist movementsRadical religious movements that promote violence to achieve their aims.
SectsA group that promotes certain religious beliefs.
Promotion of causes associated with forbidden activitiesAn individual or group that promotes the legalization of narcotic substances.
Funding criminal fines

Product Sales

TobaccoCigarettes, cigars, or any tobacco-based products.
Narcotic substancesOpium and its derivatives, morphine, codeine, and heroin. This also includes synthetic substances.
Cannabis-derived productsCannabidiol-based products.
Piracy devices/SpywareSecret recording or video devices.
CounterfeitAny Item that is deemed to be a replica of the authentic original item.
ArmsGuns, firearms, explosives, or any lethal weapons.
Airsoft/Imitation firearmsGun, firearms, explosives, or any lethal weapons.

Service Sales

Unauthorised streamingWebsite that streams illegal and non-licenced content
PornographicServices and videos
Escort services
Prepaid card issuingPrepaid international telephone call cards
Trading or Forex sitesHigh risk and highly regulated sites
Currency purchasing
Sites promoting terrorism
Proselytizing sites
Online gamblingSports betting and poker without a license
Sales of followers, views, likes or commentsSelling your YouTube likes to promote a site or videos

Some activities that are deemed a risk but not forbidden by Lemonway may also be carefully considered by our Financial Security department in order to decide whether to enter into, refuse, continue or cease a business relationship with the customer, or to take any additional measures (financial, non-conformity, reputational) to reduce the risk. The list of activities deemed a risk is also continually changing and is confidential.

For example, Lemonway considers activities associated with blockchain or fortune-telling to be a risk.

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