Pay by Card with Registered Card

EndPoint: POST /v2/moneyins/card/webinit

Used when the end-user buys a service or good on your website and then is redirected to the PSP (Payment Service Provider) payment page.

To view the diagram copy and paste the code on the following site:

title Payment using Registered Card

participant Customer
participant Partner
participant Lemonway_Payment_API
participant Lemonway_Webkit
participant PSP
participant Issuer_bank
participant ACS

Customer->Partner:Request Payment
Partner->Lemonway_Payment_API:MoneyIn:\n{\n  paymentAccount,\n  ammount,\n  delayedDay,\n  cardId,\n  merchantReturnUrl\n}
Lemonway_Payment_API->Lemonway_Payment_API:Check:\n- Card exists ?\n- Card valid ?\n- Card expired ?\nIf everything is ok, create BO + token
Lemonway_Payment_API->Partner:{\n  webkit URL,\n  token,\n  transaction:\n  {\n     id,\n     ammount,\n     cardId,\n  }
Partner->Customer:Redirect customer to webkit
Customer->Lemonway_Webkit:Redirect customer to webkit
Lemonway_Webkit->Lemonway_Webkit:Request creation:\n- Retrieve token\n- Retrieve transaction\n- We specify the wallet id (atos) or the card token (payzen)\n+ Hide add payment method (atos)
Lemonway_Webkit->Customer:Redirect customer to requested PSP Payment page
Customer->PSP:Client calls payment page
PSP->Customer:PSP returns/shows requested payment page (if the partner use the PSP payment page?)
Customer->PSP:Customer puts card informations
PSP->Issuer_bank:Checks card informations 

Lemonway_Payment_API<-Issuer_bank:We do not validate the card\nIf the PSP rejects the card (invalid card), we deactivate it for future transactions