Pay 3x or 4x Payment Plan

Pay 3x or 4x over an agreed period

This solution is for buyers who want to spread the entire cost over 3 or 4 equal payments.



Interest or fees owed are added to the first payment. All subsequent payments are of equal amounts.

  • 3x - The buyer pays for the purchase 3 times in equal amounts.
  • 4x - The buyer pays for the purchase 4 times in equal amounts.


4x PaymentPayment Due DateAmount Payable
€70.0018/07/2022(Today)€77.00 (*€7 fees)
€70.0008/08/2022 (Final)€70.00
TotalCost: €287 including *fees & VAT

Typical buyer's journey

  1. A buyer visits your platform to search for products.
  1. They add a product to the basket.
  1. They view the order summary, click Buy now, and are redirected to the payment page.
  1. The buyer selects Pay in 3x or 4x from the list of payment options.
  1. The buyer enters their payment details. The first payment with interest (if added) is taken from their card. All subsequent payments are taken from the original card used for the payment.
  2. A payment confirmation message is displayed with a breakdown of the current payment plan, and future payment dates are displayed clearly.

Lemonway's Pay 3x or 4x Payment Solution


Interested in BNPL?

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