BNPL Error Codes and Messages

Error Codes

The following page outlines errors that you may encounter and a brief description of the error.

Error NumberError NameDescription
373ERR_INPUT_VALIDATIONExplicit message.
374ERR_FUNCTIONALExplicit message.
375ERR_TECHNICALThere will be no explicit message for this error. If you continuously receive this error, contact Lemonway support to provide you with immediate assistance.

Common Input Validation Errors (373)

Country Code not valid: ISO3166-3 country code

Error MessageDescription
{ "error": { "code": 373, "message": "Country is not a valid ISO3166-3 country code." } } Ensure that you enter the correct ISO country code format.

See: ISO 3166 Country Codes Reference Database (External Website)

Email address not valid

Error MessageDescription
{ "error": { "code": 373, "message": "'Email' is not a valid email address." } }The given email address is not in a valid format or is not a valid email address.

Deferred Payment date not valid

Error MessageDescription
{ "error": { "code": 373, "message": "'Deferred Payment Date' can not be more than one year in the future." } }The deferred payment can not more than 1 year from requested date.

Common Functional Errors (374)

Payment Plan Not active.

Error MessageDescription
{ "error": { "code": 374, "message": "Payment plan not active" } }If you receive this error contact Lemonway Support. You will need to speak to an Implementation Manager to set up your BNPL service.

Payment plan id does not match with active payment plans.

Error MessageDescription
{ "error": { "code": 374, "message": "Payment plan not found." } }If you receive this error ensure that you have used the correct paymentPlanId. Use GET /v2/moneyins/buynowpaylater/plans to view your BNPL plans.

The additional errors and descriptions can be found here.


Interested in BNPL?

If you are intested in our BNPL solution, contact your local Implementation Manager or contact our support adding BNPL Service Request in the subject line.