Creating a New Payment Account

For Legal Entities

A Payment Account is sometimes called a Merchant Account. It generally works by your users entering their data on your platform, for example on their profile space on your website.

For further detail see, Create a New Legal Account

There are some key pieces of information that are required to ensure a successful account setup:

  • Company name: should be the same as stated in the company registration documents and bank statement -----
  • Website URL: is not mandatory but highly recommended. If not put the website of your platform where the payor and the merchant meet and from which the payment page is called.
  • Email: is unique, you can’t create two accounts with the same email address
  • Account ID: length should not exceed 15 alphanumeric characters to comply with banks rules



“IsOneTimeCustomer” & Is”TechnicalWallet” are options available for some specific payment scheme.