View and update logs

Logs are an important part of each website and software. It allows you to have a view of what you may want to do and has been done. A log file is a file that records either events that occur in an operating system or other software runs, or messages between different users of a communication software. Logging is the act of keeping a log. In the simplest case, messages are written to a single log file.


  1.  On your menu side, click onAccounts .
  2. Select the account by clicking on .

  3. A new window will appear with an overview of the Payment account.

  4. Click on Logs

On the this page, you can have a historical view of the Logs. On this page, you can also:

  • Add Logs

  • Export the existing informations under 03 main formats (xlsx, csv and pdf) by clicking on.

  • Add new fields to the existing column

  • Group the different informations.
  • Create Special filter

The export is limited at 1,000 lines.

API Documentation : UpdateWalletDetails: update wallet data

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